Betting Types

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap bets are a special type of Handicap bets for soccer. Please ensure that you familiarised yourself with Handicap bets as Asian Handicap bets work exactly in the same way. The simple difference between Handicap and Asian Handicap bets is that Handicap bets allow for a draw outcome while Asian Handicap bets do not allow for a draw. Should the game draw after the handicap is added, all bets are cancelled and stakes refunded.
0 or 1 goal handicap (draw option possible):

Liverpool v Bolton - Asian 0:1 (Bolton has a 1 goal head start)

Full-time score: 2 - 1

Asian Handicap result: 2 - 2 (we add 1 goal for Arsenal)

The result of the Asian handicap bet is a draw - all stakes get refunded.

Example II:
½ or 1½ goal handicap (draw option not possible):

Liverpool v Bolton - Asian 0:1/2 (Bolton has a 1/2 goal head start)

Full-time score: 1 - 1

Asian Handicap result: 1 - 1.5 (we add 0.5 goals for Arsenal)

Bolton wins the Asian Handicap bet even though the match was actually a draw

Double Chance

Here you have the chance to bet on 2 results of one game at the same time (1X, 2X or 12). Should your prediction match the actual result of the game, you win your bet! We will use a Ladbrokes promo code for this bet!

Exact Score

You can also place bet on the final result of the game. You will be able to take advantage of very high odds!
Liverpool – Bolton, your punt is on the result 1:1, the odd is 9.00

Should you place 10 EUR on 1:1 in this game your possible payout amounts to 90 EUR! 


This is a regular single bet, where one team is given a head start.
Bayer Leverkusen – Bremen HC 0:1. In this case is Bremen the team which was given 1 goal head start. If you bet on Bremen to win, the team will need to end either on a draw or to win the match in order for your bet to be a winning one. 

Outright bet

Predict the outcome of a race, tournament or championship in various sports. It is possible to bet on the victory or the achieved rank/place of a participant.
Race: Bets on victory/place in a specific race. Example: Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

Tournament: Bets on victory/place in a specific tournament (winner usually established via knock out system). Examples: Soccer World Cup or Wimbledon .

Championship/League: Bets on victory/place in a championship/league (teams/participants compete during a season to collect points). These bets have usually a long-term character. Examples: English Premier League or Formula 1 Drivers' Championship 

Single bet

Single bet – the simplest bet you could win very fast with. One event – one bet! So easy! You need simply to correctly predict the result of an event in order to win your bet. Your stake multiplied by your odd builds your potential winnings.

You place 100 EUR on the event Liverpool vs. Man. United on Liverpool to win. Your odd is 1.7 If Liverpool wins the match, you get EUR 100x1.7 = 170 EUR credited to your betting account! 

Standard Combo

The combo bet gives you the better chance to win – even with min. stakes. In contrast to single bets (1 betting event), the combo bet offers you the possibility to bet on several events with one stake only.
You can optionally select several games, but in our example will be taken only 4. Your possible payout results from the multiplication of all individual odds.

If you combine with Liverpool to win (odd 3.85), HSV to win (odd 2.2), Milan to draw (odd 3.2) and Sampras to win (odd 1.9) your possible payout will be calculated as follows:

3,85 x 2,2 x 3,2 x 1,9 = 51,50! (multiplication of all individual odds)

If you have placed 50 EUR, you would get 2 575 EUR credited to your account if you predict the result of all games correctly.

If you do not predict correctly even one of the results included in your combo, you will lose. With this bet type you can easily make big profit, as you can optionally combine many events. 


Here you can’t place a bet on the final result of the game, but on the goals or runs scored in the game (both teams combined!).
Will be the amount of the goals scored more or less than 2.5?

Bet on min. 3 goals (Over, odd 1.9) and in case you have predicted it correctly, you will get your stake x1.9. Should you wish to place your bet on Under, odd 1.6 – only 2 goals are allowed to be scored in order for your bet to be winning.